About Us

Pakistan vACC is a part of West Asia Division in the Asia Pacific Region of the VATSIM Network. Our vACC aims to provide air traffic control services for online flight simulation within the airspace of the Islamic Republic Of Pakistan. We promote virtual air traffic in our airspace and organize the basic and further education of virtual air traffic controllers and pilots. We are responsible for the Air Traffic Control services inside our airspace on the VATSIM Network. From beautiful cities of Islamabad and Lahore to the scenic thrill seeking approaches into Skardu and Gilgit, you are guaranteed to have a fun experience in our skies.

What We Strive To Achieve

We aim to provide a realistic and fun experience to people who fly in, out and around Pakistan on the VATSIM Network, by educating individuals with a keen interest and passion for aviation in the skills of an Air Traffic Controller and other relevant entities. If you seek to learn, we are happy to have you with us.


Our efficient and amazingly powerful team, who dedicates their time and effort to keep this well oiled machine running like clockwork.

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Rashid Raikhy

Pakistan vACC Director

Active air force personal in real life, and a future ATC controller ;)

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Ismail Hassan

Events & Marketing Director

Hello anonymous reader. I am Ismail, I joined VATSIM back in 2020. Since then ATC has been a part of me.